Birthday Party of Zaved Bhai

Today is the birthday of my team leader and unlike any other birthday party, this was a different and special one due to the participation of two special and new guests.

The first one is our big boss, the head of department, the man with wide experience of running through both the sweet and rough way of  life and career.  And the second one is our coordinator Shirin Khan, an introvert type beautiful young woman. She is simple and she has her own way of  vision and thinking what makes her different from all others of this gathering.

Lets come to the party again. We were six people in our group today. The old man, Kabir bhai, who always tried to bring the official chat as expected. And the central character, Zaved bhai, who had to make up with both Kabir bhai and us. And the new face Shirin apu, who was mostly a silent listener except few occasion while we were not talking about something like BUET, or technology, or career and so on. And the organizer of the party, Aparna apu, who was as usual, like other days, not ruling over thought, enjoying little talk, not so happy about food, ready to tease  me whenever possible, and always taking side of Zaved bhai. And our most junior team member, Shihab, who was very silent for the whole time and I think he was uncomfortable too. And what I am sure about is that ………. this was not a good noon for him at all and we have to think about it next time.

One point noted is that, Aparna apu was very happy about the presence of S. Khan and I am sure they are going to be very good friend for many reasons.

But, Zaved bhai was not ‘that’ full of life and  witty words today, I don’t know why. He was always coming up with logic against mainly my ideas  and he is always good at that. I don’t see any point where we were agreed on.

Anyway, thanks to Zaved bhai for actively appreciating such beautiful small things, thanks to Aparna apu for keeping us away from office talk although she was not entirely successful, thanks to Shirin apu for her nice short stories, thanks to Shihab for his presence .

And the best part was that today we got Kabir bhai in our institute……… as we call it.


Many Many Happy Birth Day to Zaved Bhai…………….

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2 Responses to Birthday Party of Zaved Bhai

  1. Sislam says:

    Good one…but little elaboration would have made it more interesting…the whole article seems to be restrained and lacks punch to stand out as a classic…btw a decent try and hopping for the best…keeping my fingers crossed..

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