You can plan, but you never know what will happen

Once, years ago, I had a plan. It was simple, because it was the only way I thought of. And the plan was, I shall be a doctor, a very good doctor, who will work for people, poor, helpless people. The doctor who will stand beside people when they need most. People will love him. And he will pay well for the love.

I don’t know when……..and how……but at some point, I found my plan has changed, very unconsciously, in a very unplanned way. The plan had changed it’s course in a totally different direction. I found, instead of being a doctor, I want to be an engineer, a computer engineer. You know why? Because its a virtual world, its a complex world, and it came to me with a lot of challenges. It fascinated my young mind most. I was at the middle of my higher secondary at that age. I worked hard and harder, my way was clear, and I knew what I have to do to get into the ultra-narrow pipeline that I have chosen as my way. I never felt the lack of inspiration, because my father was always there with me.

It was the shortest two ;years of my life.Then I got the way in my goal. But, there was surprise, new discovery into myself and a new way ahead. No computer engineering- rather I choosed to be an electronic engineer, for thousands of reasons. You know, every way have its reason, when ;you choose it, you just dig into it.

Later, at my undergrad years, I was totally motivated to go for Masters  and PhD and so on. I was prepared also. I was close too, I was ready almost.  But, I already said you, you never know what will happen, you can only plan.

Now, here I am, still planning ahead, but now I know to take everything easy, ‘coz I know- there is someone else, planning, executing in His own way.

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