Farewell of Fuad Vai and Aparna Apu

I am moving, but I liked to work here, and I shall come back again, if there comes a good chance“, said Fuad bhai on his farewell day. Fuad Bhai, trust me, I shall like to see that day, ‘coz I liked you here, and I shall be missing you.

Good luck to Fuad Bhai on his new turn ahead.

Four years ago, how hard I tried to get this job!!!  A can’t believe, now I am going to leave it, gladly“, – Aparna Apu was just telling this, looking back on her way of leaving Robi for higher study at University of Akron.

We grow with time, so do our dreams. We all has a dream in mind. We just wait for it to come true. And It’s like that ‘dream comes true’ for Aparna apu.

Good luck to Aparna Apu on her brand new way ahead.

It was a great party at EFES, and the food was so spicy and delicious, nom!nom!nom!. And the surrounding- beeauutifuul, specially good for bachelors.

And it is nice to see all together, out of office.

Day of change, at some point, almost all wait we for.

Raguib bhai and Aparna Apu– both of batch’00, joined together at Aktel, ANP.

Zaved Bhai and Aparna Apu,-at the end of long way of working together.

Goodbye to those, who are leaving; welcome to those, whom are they leaving for.  Change is welcome.

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