Three things to do in August’11

1. Reading book: The Grand Design

This is the second book of Hawkins that I am going to read. The last one I read was ‘The Brief History of Time’. Yesterday I have started ‘The Grand  Design’. The beginning of the book is really fascinating. It starts broaching the groundbreaking concept of universe, its history and existence. Even the first chapter calls the upside down of traditional concept and perception. From experience, I call say, Every paragraph of Hawkins worth deep understanding and full concentration. It requires to remember all kinds of theory of physics, from old Pithagora’s theory to Higenberg’s uncertainty theorem of quantum world. And so, I guess it’s gonna be another slow reading. But, 31 days for 188 page- sounds going to happen.

2. Beginning my first Story: “Oisposto”

I am a poor but passionate writer. From my early age, I dream to be a writer, but could not afford to start it yet. Every time I read a book, I promise to start writing, as I am doing now. But I think, it’s little different this time. Let’s see if I can do it now.

The story I am going to write is about a girl, deaf from her very start of life. But she overcome her inability, make a proud way of life, grows up like everyone else, still sometimes feels tired of being so hard on herself.

This is based on a beautiful little girl I met last month on a journey.

3. Arranging reunion of my school friend

I grown up in Kotchandpur, a small town of Jhenidah. I finished my primary education at Sonali School, which was only a few step away of my home. My mother was a teacher there also. So, it was not much different from home.

At my 11, I admitted in high school of town, far away from home. It was hard for me to go with the unknown classmates coming from different schools. I passed my first year almost lonely, not having any friend. I did a poor result too. Then, when I finished my class Six and get into class Seven, things started changing slowly. I became popular enough for my doing well in study, specially in Sociology. The Sociology teacher always inspired me, making me feel different, feel special. I started doing well. Only a few years later, my most favorite teacher died.

I finished my high school petty well, having a lot of friends, having a good enough result.We were more than 12o boys together. Ten years have passed since then, we all are scattered in different direction. Now its time to have a reunion, to cherish the beautiful old days.

So, looking for a reunion, at the end of August, just after EID.

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