Guiding Principle Award

One year back, I wrote a story about my senior to nominate him for ‘Guiding Principle Champion Award’, in its introducing QBU. It was about a method he developed for tremendous process simplification and quality enhancement of repetitive data processing, which is directly associated with network quality.  He had developed an excellent tool for this purpose that we still use hundred times every day. And, for introducing this simple process, he won the award in ‘Simple’ category.

More than one year has passed. That shiny golden crest is kept on his desk. It is proudly showing its winner’s accomplishment. People comes to him ask- how did he get it, what is this about, and what did he do. He ardently tells them the story. Then they give him a warm congratulation for his achievement. What a wonderful way to show appreciation and recognition!

Since then, when each QBU knocks at the door, I see people around start talking about it, looking for the best quality of colleagues, judging how well they are demonstrating the guiding principles.  Everybody have a brighter side, sometime we can’t see it, sometime we don’t see it, but now- here we are searching for it,  finding it out, even making appeal to recognize it. See, what a positive attitude we are developing through this practice!!

From very beginning of this award, I write about my heroes here in robi. I write how well they are giving their best here. I think, they deserve an ovation for what they do to make robi a better place to work in, and a better brand to choose. And this ‘Guiding Principle Award’, in an open all-robi-seminar, is absolutely a creative and excellent approach to gratify our heroes.

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