Do I believe in luck?

Ask me, do I believe in luck?

Yes, I do believe in luck. How could I avoid my luck when I was trained to believe in it from my very childhood, specially when my religion orders to believe.

Every morning, when I go through the paper, I stop by the ‘horoscope’, checkout what ‘Taurus’ is telling me about. I try to compare, just for fun. Most of the days, those sounds so ridiculous, foolish. You should not call that luck, ‘coz I don’t believe on that.

When something bad happens to me, but I can’t blame myself, I just blame on my luck. Do you call that ‘believe in luck’.

Sometimes beautiful thing happens to our life, and we salute our luck. I have seen such things many times in my life, I believe those are our luck. Luck brings both good and bad things through our life, and  it must happen, doesn’t matter we believe or not.

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