About me

About Mostak

A large village named Solemanpur- standing on the bank of ‘Kapatakkha’, the river well known by the poems of famous poet Micheal Modhusudon Datta. I was grown up there, in a middle class family, in a village of fisherman, under the inspirational guidance of my teacher parents.

I have completed my primary and secondary education from my home town, Kotchandpur.

In 2001, I got admission in Jessore Cantonment College, and passed the following two years in a mes, in Arabpur, Jessore.

In June 2003, just after my HSC exam, I came to Dhaka, the capital city, with a dream to get admission in BUET, the top ranked engineering university of my country. After six months, I got it.

In March 2009, I had finished my undergrad, with thousands memory of most beatiful five years of my life and a high price certificate.

Then, after three long months of unemployed time, I joined robi, a leading telecommunications company, on July 7,  2009.

Now, it is 2012, and I am still in robi, looking for to go abroad, for higher education.

Lets see what is next…………….

About powerpush

Its a try to express, what I could not say, what I cannot say, and what I want to say.

Its a record of beautiful memories of  life around me.

Its a way to understand, and tell how I feel about people around me.


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