Three things to do in August’11

1. Reading book: The Grand Design

This is the second book of Hawkins that I am going to read. The last one I read was ‘The Brief History of Time’. Yesterday I have started ‘The Grand  Design’. The beginning of the book is really fascinating. It starts broaching the groundbreaking concept of universe, its history and existence. Even the first chapter calls the upside down of traditional concept and perception. From experience, I call say, Every paragraph of Hawkins worth deep understanding and full concentration. It requires to remember all kinds of theory of physics, from old Pithagora’s theory to Higenberg’s uncertainty theorem of quantum world. And so, I guess it’s gonna be another slow reading. But, 31 days for 188 page- sounds going to happen.

2. Beginning my first Story: “Oisposto”

I am a poor but passionate writer. From my early age, I dream to be a writer, but could not afford to start it yet. Every time I read a book, I promise to start writing, as I am doing now. But I think, it’s little different this time. Let’s see if I can do it now.

The story I am going to write is about a girl, deaf from her very start of life. But she overcome her inability, make a proud way of life, grows up like everyone else, still sometimes feels tired of being so hard on herself.

This is based on a beautiful little girl I met last month on a journey.

3. Arranging reunion of my school friend

I grown up in Kotchandpur, a small town of Jhenidah. I finished my primary education at Sonali School, which was only a few step away of my home. My mother was a teacher there also. So, it was not much different from home.

At my 11, I admitted in high school of town, far away from home. It was hard for me to go with the unknown classmates coming from different schools. I passed my first year almost lonely, not having any friend. I did a poor result too. Then, when I finished my class Six and get into class Seven, things started changing slowly. I became popular enough for my doing well in study, specially in Sociology. The Sociology teacher always inspired me, making me feel different, feel special. I started doing well. Only a few years later, my most favorite teacher died.

I finished my high school petty well, having a lot of friends, having a good enough result.We were more than 12o boys together. Ten years have passed since then, we all are scattered in different direction. Now its time to have a reunion, to cherish the beautiful old days.

So, looking for a reunion, at the end of August, just after EID.

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Farewell of Fuad Vai and Aparna Apu

I am moving, but I liked to work here, and I shall come back again, if there comes a good chance“, said Fuad bhai on his farewell day. Fuad Bhai, trust me, I shall like to see that day, ‘coz I liked you here, and I shall be missing you.

Good luck to Fuad Bhai on his new turn ahead.

Four years ago, how hard I tried to get this job!!!  A can’t believe, now I am going to leave it, gladly“, – Aparna Apu was just telling this, looking back on her way of leaving Robi for higher study at University of Akron.

We grow with time, so do our dreams. We all has a dream in mind. We just wait for it to come true. And It’s like that ‘dream comes true’ for Aparna apu.

Good luck to Aparna Apu on her brand new way ahead.

It was a great party at EFES, and the food was so spicy and delicious, nom!nom!nom!. And the surrounding- beeauutifuul, specially good for bachelors.

And it is nice to see all together, out of office.

Day of change, at some point, almost all wait we for.

Raguib bhai and Aparna Apu– both of batch’00, joined together at Aktel, ANP.

Zaved Bhai and Aparna Apu,-at the end of long way of working together.

Goodbye to those, who are leaving; welcome to those, whom are they leaving for.  Change is welcome.

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Few days with Sampad Ghosh

One year back, nine new recruits joined our department. They were from different universities and different batches. Sampad was one of them,  he came from CUET, among the new recruits, he was the only one from there, and one of very few CUETian here in Robi.

I can’t particularly remember the first time I introduced with him. May be because we didn’t shared the common forum. I couldn’t ask him- hey, are you from hall? yes! oh, which hall are you from? and so many similar things. The questions that I could ask almost rest of them.

Lately, we came to know that Sampad was the first of their batch in CUET. Trust me, I was surprised. Not because he was the first, but because he choose to come here, being first, in spite of being a faculty. I told myself, this boy is a fool.

Initially, we found him mostly in asset. First reason: he didn’t get a PC by then, second reason: he was seen mostly updating asset. Long list, huge data service parameter updating. By that time, we came to remember all of their names, specially of Sampad of Asset.

We all were in Uday Tower then. We used to go to Polli for lunch, usually me, Alex, Arafat, Jafar and  Sampad- our only non-batch partner. Lately, RCO opened with cafeteria, RNP splited between Uday and RCO, and I moved to RCO leaving all others left in Uday. Then, Jafar shifted to Ericsson and Arafat’s wife cooks well, so he has no reason to eat outside anymore.  At lunch time, I always used call Alex to come with Sampad for lunch at cafeteria, except few institutional days(I will explain it somewhere else). Time was moving on and now– it’s time for Sampad to move on his way, different from ours.

Last two years,  we have seen few  juniors engineers leaving, fortunately, we found only Sampad who offered a lunch to department. I don’t know what made him so grateful!

So now its time to call for another party by us, party for the farewell of Sampad. I already told, exceptionally Sampad has called a party himself for his farewell, so we must do something really good. And I guess we did it too.

Surprisingly, each one of  department contributed and really wanted to join,  and to me, it seems that this party was specially enriched by the presence of Maruf bhai and Rabbi bhai, ‘coz I hardly seen them in any other party. So thanks to both of them, thanks to each and everyone. Thanks to Alex for his idea, he must be a good planner.

The before-lunch fun time,   time to forget all the office stress and to feel lax and carefree for a while, time to celebrate.

Waiting for lunch, making some jokes,  making some noise, taking some picture, biting others soft and opening heart of say GOODBYE, Best of Luck.

Good luck  Sampad, on your new way ahead, wish all your fascinations comes true.

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You can plan, but you never know what will happen

Once, years ago, I had a plan. It was simple, because it was the only way I thought of. And the plan was, I shall be a doctor, a very good doctor, who will work for people, poor, helpless people. The doctor who will stand beside people when they need most. People will love him. And he will pay well for the love.

I don’t know when……..and how……but at some point, I found my plan has changed, very unconsciously, in a very unplanned way. The plan had changed it’s course in a totally different direction. I found, instead of being a doctor, I want to be an engineer, a computer engineer. You know why? Because its a virtual world, its a complex world, and it came to me with a lot of challenges. It fascinated my young mind most. I was at the middle of my higher secondary at that age. I worked hard and harder, my way was clear, and I knew what I have to do to get into the ultra-narrow pipeline that I have chosen as my way. I never felt the lack of inspiration, because my father was always there with me.

It was the shortest two ;years of my life.Then I got the way in my goal. But, there was surprise, new discovery into myself and a new way ahead. No computer engineering- rather I choosed to be an electronic engineer, for thousands of reasons. You know, every way have its reason, when ;you choose it, you just dig into it.

Later, at my undergrad years, I was totally motivated to go for Masters  and PhD and so on. I was prepared also. I was close too, I was ready almost.  But, I already said you, you never know what will happen, you can only plan.

Now, here I am, still planning ahead, but now I know to take everything easy, ‘coz I know- there is someone else, planning, executing in His own way.

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