In search of a new mine

Ask me how intelligence I wish to have? I shall answer that I want to be like Amin bhai, one of the most intellignt people I have ever met. Off course I have came to know with a lot of sharp and intelligent and brilliant people, and I have seen different achievement of their smart way of living.
But amin bhai is someone totally different than others, completely distinguished, and one among many.
Bu let me one thing to speak seperately, that is what makes him my favorite person- that is his simplicity and his sense of humor, and his unique angle of view.

This evening, I was totally occupied within a job, with an utmost urgency I was almost pulling my hair sometimes. Suddenly, he called me, from me back table, “hi mostak, can you do me a help”. I answered tightly,”tell me- what kind of help I can do for you”,  I asked without looking back.

“Are you busy? do you have some time?” he asked, I am not in mood to take a break from what I was doing. I answered, “yes, yes, very very busy, but you can still tell me what you need”, my eyes ware still  locked on my monitor, but this time my tone worked against my words.

“Nowadays I see you like I saw you never before, is it you working hard, or someone driving you hard, what is it?” he meant my recent working with Isteehad bhai.

I stop for a second, completely distracted from what I was doing, just recalculating what he just said.

“You are right, I never thought it before. It’s driver…….umm, but there are some other facts, and I just need to find that out” I answered, and I meant every word of that.

I skimed over my last two weeks activities and involvement. I realizeded, its true; I am working like I never did before in my last two years, six months and eight days tenure. It is what I always wanted to do, to get involved in my own way, not driven by someone, not with loose ownership or procedural works that needs blind hard work .

What is it, ? I asked myself, trying to find out what is that driving me these days. Or, more generally speaking, what makes someone casual to someone responsible, and all overnight? The first question that came in mind mind is that- is it working with Isteehad bhai? Or the responsibility(blame) that I am being given on step(failure), every now or than, or the degree of freedom that I have been given on such a high level job?

It is true that, Isteehad vai is unique with super-hardworking professional attitude, one of the most passionate employee of robi. Working with him for several times, within last few years, was never so easy.  Giving extra time was a assumed precondition.

Arafat, my friend, works under isteehad vai. He is always very hardworking from the very first day I have seen him. I am always little sluggish, and always tried to keep some time of relaxation. I wished to be hardworking but hate to get busy,  and Arafat always envied my free moded rounding around, and i always enjoyed showing him that -hey look I am free, you are not. It was true too. He envied me, but i envied him too. He envied of my flexibility and I envied his hardworking attitude. I always wished to be such a hardwoerking like him, I always did. But we are as we are, and things were going like this, until this recent days.

So, working with Isteehad bhai is an obvious reason to get busy, but that’s not all of it. There is something else, and I must find that out. And that ‘something else’ must be digged out, its must be enthroned to permanent.

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29th November.

Today is Mandira’s Birthday.

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Do I believe in luck?

Ask me, do I believe in luck?

Yes, I do believe in luck. How could I avoid my luck when I was trained to believe in it from my very childhood, specially when my religion orders to believe.

Every morning, when I go through the paper, I stop by the ‘horoscope’, checkout what ‘Taurus’ is telling me about. I try to compare, just for fun. Most of the days, those sounds so ridiculous, foolish. You should not call that luck, ‘coz I don’t believe on that.

When something bad happens to me, but I can’t blame myself, I just blame on my luck. Do you call that ‘believe in luck’.

Sometimes beautiful thing happens to our life, and we salute our luck. I have seen such things many times in my life, I believe those are our luck. Luck brings both good and bad things through our life, and  it must happen, doesn’t matter we believe or not.

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Guiding Principle Award

One year back, I wrote a story about my senior to nominate him for ‘Guiding Principle Champion Award’, in its introducing QBU. It was about a method he developed for tremendous process simplification and quality enhancement of repetitive data processing, which is directly associated with network quality.  He had developed an excellent tool for this purpose that we still use hundred times every day. And, for introducing this simple process, he won the award in ‘Simple’ category.

More than one year has passed. That shiny golden crest is kept on his desk. It is proudly showing its winner’s accomplishment. People comes to him ask- how did he get it, what is this about, and what did he do. He ardently tells them the story. Then they give him a warm congratulation for his achievement. What a wonderful way to show appreciation and recognition!

Since then, when each QBU knocks at the door, I see people around start talking about it, looking for the best quality of colleagues, judging how well they are demonstrating the guiding principles.  Everybody have a brighter side, sometime we can’t see it, sometime we don’t see it, but now- here we are searching for it,  finding it out, even making appeal to recognize it. See, what a positive attitude we are developing through this practice!!

From very beginning of this award, I write about my heroes here in robi. I write how well they are giving their best here. I think, they deserve an ovation for what they do to make robi a better place to work in, and a better brand to choose. And this ‘Guiding Principle Award’, in an open all-robi-seminar, is absolutely a creative and excellent approach to gratify our heroes.

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